7 Annoying Things People Tell Bipolars (And Why They Hurt)


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Out of all the things that can make your life hard, the things that people say can be the hardest. The funny thing is that they come from those closest to you. It makes you lose faith in humanity that it comes from them. Like, if those close to you hurt you like that, who needs people? And you want to say people, please, for the love of God and peace and love and cute little pink ass bunnies, STOP. You have no idea how bad it is. Some people say things that are so hurtful that it would literally be more merciful to see shit coming out of their mouths instead of the things they say. Yet, no matter how hard we try, we are bound to hear the following when we least expect it and from the people closest to us:

1) “You don’t need the drugs”

The situation: You’ve been going fine without meds for a while till things get a little out of hand. You decide to pay a visit to your doctor, and as you expected, he gives you a much higher than you would appreciate dose of your friendly neighborhood super-mix. You don’t have a problem with that, after all, you did manage to find the drugs with the least side effect, even if it’s just liver failure, weight gain, parkinsonian tremors, zombie mode and a healthy dose of memory loss.


Now we know why they mainly want to eat brains

But along with that, comes sweet, sweet sleep. Not the kind that you enjoy yourself while getting. The kind you are forced to be getting. You sleep 8 hours a day at least and you require a few hours after you wake up to watch the rerun of spongebob for the 5th time till the drugs wear off. With all that sleep time, and the time you spend at work, you barely have any time or energy for your friends. They ask about you, and you explain the horrible side effects of the drugs that you have to take again, so they go like “Why are you taking these drugs? Have you tried not taking them? I’m pretty sure that your drugs are the main cause of your suffering and you should go all natural like how your body gets rid of a cold on its own.”

Sniff these and your depression will go away

Sniff these and your depression will go away

Why it hurts: Then you feel that you want to scream like, SERIOUSLY? You think I haven’t thought about that? Of course I’m the last person on Earth who wants to take that shit, but do you think I have a choice? If they don’t work, I wouldn’t take them, but I take them coz they are the only thing that works. And seriously, why don’t you try that line on a chemotherapy patient? You should say: Oh no you look horrible and you feel terrible, why don’t you let your body sort its cancer on its own? I mean if any condition has a magical solution that comes from your body, why is there an entire discipline for making, prescribing and dispensing drugs? You have an immune system that has trouble getting rid of a cold for you, not a disease fighting superhero squad.

Image released by LCDR Nunnally, PAO CVN 65.

Yes, there’s no need for doctors, either

2) “Can’t you just control your moods”

The situation: You’re happy, you’re going to parties, going out with your friends a lot. You joke around and your jokes are really funny. You are confident and you are dating more people than ever and you wonder for how long you can keep your mood so good and your spirits so high without eventually crashing. The next thing you know, you crash. Just overnight, sleeping like any other day, you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Now that’s a funny expression right there, if there’s a side of the bed that would turn you from euphoric to depressed, that’s not the wrong side of the bed. That’s the dark side. The hellish side. The trespassers-shall-be-prosecuted side of the freaking bed. And then, your friends notice your 180 degree turn in your personality, and they feel like they’re dealing with a Jekyll and Hyde situation. They give you advice. The kind of advice that is not only useless, but kind of hurts like “Can’t you just control your moods a little? You know, if you have a little control and try not to feel so depressed, there will be nothing wrong with you!”

Yes... definitely a bipolar novel

Yes… definitely a bipolar novel

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Did you read any bipolar books?

Hey guys. I’m trying to construct a small list of books that centrally feature or revolve around bipolar disorder. Did you read any such books that you enjoyed?

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Suicide Seems the Ideal Way Out

Aimer Shama:

I hope you’re still with us, Jeff.

Originally posted on My Online Journal:

I don’t want to live anymore. I feel like society’s burden and I doubt that will not change. I just overdosed and I’m hoping I can just fall asleep. I wish I won’t wake up. What will free me from these self-destructive path I have been stuck with for the past couple of weeks? I don’t know. How pathetic is that? All I know is that if I am going to make a true suicide attempt then now is the perfect time. I know I have made several concerned, but no one can walk in my shoes.

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Asking for a Re-Blog

Aimer Shama:

The man behind the sensational hit blog reveals his blogging secrets.

Originally posted on HarsH ReaLiTy:

I have never asked for a reblog before, but if you have the time and wouldn’t mind reblogging or sharing this I would personally appreciate it. I have decided to really go for this and try to provide some sort of marketing/blogging consulting to those wanting the help and willing to pay. It might sound silly, but there are plenty of authors, photographers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs that are horrible at marketing themselves.

I cannot guarantee views, comments, or sales. I can guarantee for a contract a subscriber number increase. The rest is really up to you. I follow a business model which I have shared HERE which shows that I use 33.3% of my time gathering followers, 33.3% of my time writing, and 33.3% of my time interacting and socializing. That is how I blog. Many people can’t afford the time to “gather followers” or don’t know how. That is…

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10 Ways Bipolar Disorder Makes You A Better Person


Brothers and sisters of the bipolar curse, stalkers curious about it and those who have a doubt they may be lucky enough to be bipolar, welcome to another bipolar list. I have a feeling you are going to enjoy this one. I will not try to make it cheesy like that other so called motivational speaker guy who wrote a joke called bipolar in order (that’s more like bipolar out of order). I will be realistic, practical and no where near screaming words like SUCCESS! CONFIDENCE!! and CAREEEEER!! That is simply because we are a lot smarter than that. So here we start with number 10.

10. You are smart

Don’t get me wrong, you are not smarter as a result of bipolar disorder. It is simply that bipolar disorder is a disease that shows a strong correlation with higher IQ’s. Rarely will you see someone suffering from this disease who isn’t a bright cookie. Perhaps this is the exact same reason people often link madness with genius. No you’re not a genius, don’t get cocky, but if there were ever a fine line between being smart and being a little crazy, it was because of the usual association with mental disorders when it comes to extremely smart people, and bipolar disorder is on the top of them.

9. You are creative

Science has also shown a strong relationship between bipolar disorder and heightened creativity. That is creating pieces of art; music, paintings, fashion designing. It doesn’t stop there, you may also be great at creating ideas, coming up with great solutions to everyday problems or even plots for novels worth reading. Whatever you are creative at, you will usually find you have a little bit more than is expected of others.


8. You are sensitive

This is one of the traits that on mentioning, it may be safe to say that our perks are sometimes the same as our downfalls. You have an incredible ability for empathy, tolerance, acceptance. You care about others. You simply want to help. Of course this incredible sensitivity towards others may leave you wide open for criticism. You may have already decided to develop an indifferent attitude because you realized that no one can survive giving a damn this much, which is true by the way. We all need to realize that there is no way we can fix the world all by ourselves.


7. You are idealistic

This infinite care you demonstrate towards others, along with your imagination, leads you to think of what if’s could if’s and all sorts of made up scenarios in which life is good and fair to all. You want justice, you want responsibility, and you want the right thing to do. You spend so many hours thinking why oh why isn’t every person a good person and why there is evil in the world. But it may be these thoughts and the hopelessness, the realization that such a world will never exist may be one of the serious triggers of your condition.


6. You are religious

Before you ask “what if I don’t believe in God?” I will tell you right away that by religious, I mean having even asked yourself the really big questions of life, faith and spirituality at all. Most people simply follow the religions of their fathers by inheritance and never question those beliefs. You will always be one who wonders and wants more answers. Whatever the conclusions you drew were, asking these questions by themselves is something that is not as common as you think. Whether you are atheist, buddhist, christian or other, you gave and still give the whole topic some very serious thoughts.


5. You are passionate

Whether towards loved ones or side projects, you show true passion. As gifted as you are, when you set your mind to something, nothing can stop you. The only problem is that it is hard to set your mind on much, with depression kicking in from time to time, and the delusions of the highs reminding you that you were dreaming (when you get back to normal). But when you do decide, it’s only a matter of time till you see outstanding results found only by showing this exceptional passion.


4. You are generous

Your highs, lows and general experience of life all make you a generous person. You are sensitive towards people and idealistic towards society, so you start with yourself hoping others would follow suit. You donate and support, to strangers and friends alike, hoping that when the time comes, you can again see the same kindness returned. I can promise you that you will, but usually not in the ways you expect.


3. You are experienced

You have been through the mill. You have seen the best and worst of three worlds: depression, mania (or hypo-mania at least) and the world that every other normal person knows. There are poor old men sixty-something years of age that are struck with poverty, yet they have never known a sadness as you did. And of course, there are filthy rich athletic womanisers who did not come as close as you were to happiness, not even when they’re high on weed (and you don’t even need it). You have seen so much in life that is enough for several lifetimes, and it shows as others often tell you that you are wise beyond your years.


2. You are wise

All the previous reasons all pour into your personality, affecting your thoughts, depth and your mind. You are a deep person who seeks, questions and pursues the deeper meanings of life, love and morality. It often gets hard when you see things in a way that others fail to see, because they never had the time, patience or wisdom to ponder such things. But you do. You know what is best for you, you always will (except when you’re manic, obviously).


1. You are special

With all the above said and true, what now do you think you are but someone who is different, exceptional, eccentric and special? All the above and more perks that you got from the bipolar ride developed you into a person that others see as simply amazing. Strangely, some people only see these perks in you that they–from lack of awareness–hope that they were bipolar. They are of course wrong. Bipolar disorder is a tough condition for anyone to suffer from, but the ways bipolar disorder makes you better is perhaps God’s way of compensating you for your trouble, and I must say, it is almost a fair trade.


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What I Tell Atheists

There was a video on youtube about if believing in God makes you dumb. It said that research found that the average IQ of non-believers tends to be higher (as expected). I want to emphasize that people are naturally inclined to believe in God. Some individuals with above average intelligence may choose not to, but the previous group, those who prefer to follow a religion, are both people who are of modest intelligence, and those who are smart and like their comfort zone of religion. In other words, there are many kinds of people who prefer religion, and only one group who prefers otherwise.

The comment was as follows, tell me what you think.

“To believers, I say you cannot prove the existence of God, yet you choose to believe, but that is the point, to connect the dots. I salute you. To atheists, I say you cannot prove the absence of God, granted that things normally don’t exist until proven otherwise, true. But us believers never say we “know” God exists. We say we “believe” he does. That’s it, just a feeling, a hope that there is something more and better out there. Call it optimism. Now if you think optimism is a delusion, that is your problem.

One more thing about where science will always fall short: How did the universe start? Did the universe start from nothing? Or did the universe exist forever? Either answers are more ridiculous than each other. Yes, This question is beyond logic, beyond science, yet one of them must have happened, and if something so scientifically unbelievable applies to the universe, why can’t it apply to God?”

Leave me your thoughts in the comments below.

Bye bye thebipolarized.com

And hello http://www.wordpress.com/thebipolarized

When I bought the domain two years ago, I was thinking a little more differently. All of you guys come here either with a wordpress link or a bookmark. Others come here with search engine terms. The convenience I had in mind by making it thebipolarized dot com is getting a little costly. Let’s kill this name for now and perhaps we’ll kill the whole blog later.

Update: I chose to give the domain one more chance this year. We’ll see how it goes (27-3-2014).

I Found a Job (That I’m soon going to lose)


Dear diary,

The temperature is getting warmer again, and like how I am meant to be, I’m starting to get my energy back again, and with it, my instability. It consistently happens every Spring now for me to deny that my Bipolar disorder has a strong seasonal side to it. And of course, like every time my instability rises, so does the need to blurt out dark secrets to the entire internet to see rises with it. Hello, thebipolarized.com! Hello, friends! It’s been a while. I’m both very happy and seriously disappointed to be writing in this blog once more. How very bipolar of me! :D

I found the perfect job last week. I am a quality assurance coordinator at a HUGE medical company. I am proud to be one of the team. However, a good think does not come so easily, I am soon going to be losing that job because I was hired as a temporary worker at the American company. No matter how much they send word to HQ back in the USA that they are severely understaffed in the QA department, they still would not allow them to increase the headcount, although it is currently one manager with no subordinates handling QA for half of Africa and the Middle East! I have been working for about two weeks, he was astonished how very fast I learned (like a I promised) not believing that I don’t have experience (although my theoretical experience is enough for about 10 lifetimes, just like anyone who holds a BSc (does not stand for Bullshit certificate this is actually bachelor of science (sorry for the bracket within a bracket (I mean brackets)))).

In any case, let’s just hope that my manager has the ability to convince HQ of how he desperately needs me to keep my job, especially that my work so far looks very promising.

Wish me luck!