Aimer Shama:

Loud in the House of Myself by Stacy Pershall… that’s the highlight. TO READ FO SHO!

Originally posted on Susanna Hartigan:

I’ve been considerably busy lately, but I’ve managed to do a lot of reading. The field of psychology has always intrigued me, so I enjoy reading stories and memoirs about other people’s mental illnesses and family dysfunction.  I started reading a series by author Ellen Hopkins. Written in poetic style, but still read like any other book, I could easily finish her 500-600 page memoirs in a few days. Crank is the first of a series loosely based on the author’s teen daughter’s drug addiction. Glass is the book following her daughter’s downward spiral. I enjoyed both books, and now I’m onto a third written in the same form but not a part of the series, called Identical. Normally I mainly read nonfiction, but Hopkins makes it interesting enough for me to stick through it. Apparently, her books are popular with teenage girls.



Another great memoir I finished…

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