Avoiding Mania

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Avoiding Mania

One of the most baffling things about bipolar disorder is that the more hyper and euphoric you get, the less you think you’re hyper. This statement holds the most truth if you ever get manic. If you do, you will notice that you’re happier, smarter, stronger, more energetic, more sociable, and you will think that it is all simply an improvement over the old you. It would have been great, if all these pros of mania didn’t come with their cons; grandiosity, delusions, tremors, rapid speech, racing thoughts and sometimes, hallucinations.

How to know you’re manic:

If you’re showing the above mentioned symptoms, then of course you’re manic! Problem is: is that although you will agree that you’re much better than ever, you’ll give excuses for the downsides, like this: grandiosity: by saying you’re acting humbly and you’re in your rightful place, delusions: by verifying them in the most outlandish and convolutedly creative ways, tremors: a minor side effect due to utter lack or non existence of sleep, and your lack of need of it, racing thoughts: as you being smarter and having more “you’s” think for you, and hallucinations as… well… spiritual stuff. If this is you, you’re manic. Seek help. Period.

Although it is very difficult to drill it into a manic’s head that he’s manic, and that help will most likely be forced in that stage, it is much easier to repair the bridge than rebuild it when it collapses. The best solution is to completely avoid being hypomanic all together.

But what is hypomania anyway?

Hypo means below, and mania is as explained above. It is literally the state right below mania. In this state, you will enjoy a small dose of all the pros of mania with none of its cons. There is only one problem though; you can slip into mania from hypomania in a heartbeat.

Hypomania is extremely easy to detect, like so:

1- Sleep disturbances: sleeping time is half of your normal sleeping time for a few days, OR a full 24 hours without sleep have passed and you’re either not exhausted or exhausted but can’t fall asleep.

2- Other markers: euphoria, rapid speech or thoughts, enthusiasm, creativity, over productivity, sociability.

If you show 1 and 2, you’re hypomanic. Take sleeping pills, increase your usual dose of the drug that you know is able to control your mania. Consult your doctor.

If 2 only, you’re slightly hypomanic, but that isn’t much to worry about if there’s nothing wrong with sleep. Rare; I always suffer from 2 WITH 1. Consult your doctor if that is the case with you.

If 1 only, you’re suffering from something other than hypomania, like depression, anxiety or insomnia. Take sleeping pills. Consult your doctor.


What I mentioned so many times above, as you can see, is consult your doctor. I have consulted my poor, dear doctor so many times and ensured him that he can trust me to the point that I have become master of my own condition. I know the drugs that work for me and know what the doctor would advise me to do by heart. Unless something new happens, I know what to do.

One more thing: How to avoid having your sleep disturbed.

With this technique, you won’t even have to worry about hypomania except very rarely.

Avoid sleep time shifts: Have a fixed time you sleep in.

Avoid lots of change: Routine is good for us. Make the changes that inevitably happen to your life gradual.

AVOID STRESS: this one I cannot stress. I won’t say much about it, except for this quote: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

What we covered:

1- How to know you’re manic.

2- How to know you’re hypomanic.

3- How to avoid hypomania.

4- How to avoid sleep disturbances (that lead to hypomania that leads to mania that leads to a depression crash!)

Note: If you can avoid mania, you can avoid depression. If you can avoid mania, you will avoid a trouble making and embarrassing condition. If you can avoid mania, you will hopefully be stabilized and functioning EXACTLY like a healthy human being.

May your mind always be with you.

Good Luck

Aimer Shama

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2 thoughts on “Avoiding Mania

  1. bprubble says:

    very punny….”AVOID STRESS: this one I cannot stress”

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