What Beauty and the Beast Taught Me

Raised by Disney

Disney Movies and What They Taught Me

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

I decided that my first entry in this category of my blog; Raised by Disney: Disney Movies and What They Taught Me, should be about the movie that changed the direction of my entire life: Beauty and the Beast. It is without doubt the movie that had the greatest impact on my life.

In the very beginning of the movie, the prologue, I was shocked by how arrogant someone could be. A little old lady showing up to a great and powerful prince with a rose. Why wouldn’t someone accept such a beautiful gift? But his arrogance and conceit made him refuse the gift. Would he have accepted the gift if it were from a beautiful woman? I would think so. But he judged the book by its cover, refused the old woman’s gift, and closed the door in her face. What came next as those who do not live under a rock know, is the old woman’s transformation to her true image; a beautiful enchantress, casting a spell on the prince and the entire castle as punishment for the prince’s action.

Lesson learned: Do not judge a book by its cover.

Next was the song that introduced Belle, Gaston, the rest of the village, and their characteristics. It showed me how looks and wisdom can meet in the same person in Belle. I met her love of reading with initial surprise. “How can you read this?” Gaston asked Belle, skimming through her book and revealing plain text. “There’s no pictures.” When he made his point, I nodded excitedly, liking Gaston on the spot because he spoke my mind. What are all those idiots who read plain text thinking? What is wrong with comic books? But next came Belle’s response. “Well someone has to use their imagination…” Note that I have not seen the movie in over twenty years, but it affected me so much that I have memorized the important parts by heart (I was four when the movie was released).

Lesson learned: Read books even if plain text. Use your imagination to help you.

When Belle mentioned her father, people started laughing. A crazy old man they called him. It made me realize that people may not appreciate others that potentially could have the greatest impact on humanity. Inventors, if they do not affect you now, could very well determine the fate or life of upcoming generations. Inventions like the telephone, the camera, electricity, the internet… imagine your life without these things. These are here for the inventors that created them, and humanity owes them a lot. Even they were not free of other people’s mockery.

Lesson learned: The best of people may not be respected.

Which would Belle choose? Gaston or the Beast. The answer is a no brainer. And the answer in real life should be a no brainer as well, BUT, not all women are like Belle either. If a woman does not appreciate you, she does not deserve you. Yes of course I’m talking to you: the guys reading this; how can you read this much in an article about Beauty and the Beast and not be a kind, nice and romantic guy at heart?

Lesson learned: A wise woman, will judge a man by his actions, rather than his looks.

Of course there’s much more I could say about the Beauty and the Beast, but I like my articles to be “short and sweet. Who wants sushi?” if you know who said this last part: I LIKE YOU!

Note to my soon to be wife: You have fallen in love with the beast and have broken the greater part of the curse. It is only a matter of time before he turns back into the prince you so deserve.

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7 thoughts on “What Beauty and the Beast Taught Me

  1. mystmusician says:

    Love this! :) Disney was (and still is) a favorite part of my life. Although…it did teach me that girls just rode off into the sunset, lived in castles, and always had a prince to fall in love with. It didn’t quite show what happened AFTER you say “I do”… nothing beats classic Disney!

  2. zkairos says:

    (Future wifey) oohh this is so romantic <3* Hugs* <3

  3. Cassie says:

    I could write a whole book on what I learned from Disney…and how I learned to grow out of things that I learned from Disney. What a great post idea. GO you!

    • Aimer Shama says:

      Say! That’s not a bad idea at all. I grew out of what Disney itself grew out of; an all out villain. Since Nemo; there wasn’t an all bad villain if you think about it. Just corruption.

      • Cassie says:

        That’s true. I hadn’t thought of that. Now that you say it, I can’t help but think of all the newer movies. Awesome. I’m going to stew on that.

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